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Q&A with a Psychic

Exploring the Gift of Intuition:
Linda Kay Marchena Interviewed by Stephanie McWilliams

Listener’s Questions and Linda’s Answers:

I would like to thank all the people who listened in, and for submitting questions.  Below are questions from the listeners’, and my responses to them.

How Do We Reach You?


Linda Kay Marchena / Life Design Consultant and founder of A Life By Design
Rates/Fees: $25 for 15min.  and $35 for 30min. phone session
Payment: PayPal accepted
Call/Fax/Email to make appointments only on:   Monday to Saturday, 10am to 9pm
Phone/Fax: (818) 342-5547


What are your future plans?

Answer:  I am in the process of putting together an ebook on the Tarot.  Keep checking my website for more information in the future.  You can sign up for my newsletter by clicking on this link: or look for the Newsletter Signup Button on .

Questions Regarding My Life and Psychic Abilities…

Question 1. What inspired you to become a psychic?

Answer: My Grandmother would play a game with me that was actually a psychic tool.  I became very curious about it.  I started having psychic experiences, even though I thought it was my imagination, throughout my childhood.  I later began reading about Psychic Abilities and tools.  When I worked in the corporate environment I would do consultations for my employees and co-workers.   It wasn’t until late in the 1980’s that I became a Professional Psychic.  I was actually talked into being a Professional Psychic by an owner of a New Age Bookshop.  I was very nervous at first.

Questions about Psychic Abilities and Intuition:

Question 1:

I am learning the importance of setting up for an intuitive experience for the body and spirit ( i.e.. plenty of rest, water, movement, food, grounding, meditation/not sitting, rattling, breathing etc) so what thoughts do you have with working with the brain? I am finding sound helpful in “bypassing the brain/mind”  – any other thoughts?

Answer: Every person is different and must find what works for them.   For myself, my abilities are programmed that when I pick up my Tarot Cards I am ready to start.  I do not use candles, or sound when I am working with my Tarot.  I can pretty much tune into my abilities with my tools, even when I am working a noisy party, watching TV, or music is in the background, because I am able to focus on my tool and I can tune out the other distractions.  However, I do meditate almost every day for about 15 minutes (for relaxation), I now watch what I eat (for health reasons) and I do exercise (for health and wellbeing).  Periodically, I will take a drive to explore or go somewhere near a lake and green hillsides.  I fine that this relaxes, re-energizes and centers me.

Question 2:

Do you believe some just have this gift from birth (this intuitive gift), or all have this gift will only need to learn how to better access it?

Answer: I believe that we are all born with intuition or Psychic Abilities.  I believe it is stronger when we are children, and as we grow we are sometimes taught that we need to be logical (our analytical abilities are on the left side of the brain).   Because of this we may start tuning out or dismissing our imagination, our creativity, our emotions and our intuition.  I believe that all these components are on the right side of the brain.  Being analytical and logical has it place, but sometimes things don’t seem to make sense or seem logical when our intuition is trying to tell us something because we don’t have all the information in front of us at the time.  However, validation comes later along with the missing pieces.  Our intuition knows or senses that information before it appears.

Questions 3 – 6:

Question 3. How can I remove the black cloud that has shrouded me, since I was in utero?

Question 4. What is the best way to create an energy/psychic shield so that other people’s energy does not overtake your own?  Those of us who are empaths/intuitives often are challenged with separating our feelings and those of others.

Question 5. When you are going through a tough time, how do you change your energy when normal methods don’t seem to be working?

Question 6. I have learned 3 different energy medicine techniques so far.  With one I got the gift of my body answering yes/no question by right arm signaling yes and the left one the no response.  Latest method I have just learned works in a way that you feel in your left hand/arm when the specific healing step has happened.  Now the two signals in my left arm/hand conflict.  How do I tell them apart?  Or should I retrain my body re. yes/no responses?  If Yes how?

Answers: To remove negativity or the black cloud, I would recommend first viewing yourself as someone who has been learning.  Anyone who feels they are a victim of something needs to find some way of feeling empowered, or should do something to empower themselves.  Laughter can break up negative energy.  Make sure that your aura and energy centers (chakras) are strong.  This can be done by making sure you are taking care of yourself (eating right, getting plenty of sleep, relaxation and playing). The one thing I would recommend is to help reframe your consciousness is the phrase “No one has power over me or my life”.   When negative situations come up think about how you can use that situation to move you forward to your advantage or your benefit.

Now about retraining (question 6): Retraining might be easiest, or when working with these Energy Medicine modalities you may need to work with one at a time.  Retraining can be done by just telling your (hands/arms) what you want them to do and practice with that new procedure, until you feel comfortable with it.  You can also, do a meditation or self hypnosis (a relax state of mind) to retrain your hands/arms, again by telling them what you want them to do.

Questions 7 – 14:

7. Sometimes I flit from thing to thing.  How do I know if I’m following my intuition or Not?

8. How do you “turn up the volume” so that you can hear your intuition?

9. How do I learn to focus to meditate?

10. How do I know if the information coming through is valid versus something I may be imagining?

11. How do you know when your intuition is talking to you?  How do you distinguish between that and just thoughts?

12. How can I hear my intuition and spirit guides clearly?

13.How can I use my intuition to strengthen my ability to create environments (home,office, etc) that I love?

14. How do I learn to trust my intuition when it appears to go against the “common thought” and how do I develop it further?

Answer: Practice with your intuition, your innate psychic abilities and take the position of the observer, instead of trying to control or analyze it.  The more you practice the stronger your abilities will get, and the more you will be able to distinguish them from your regular analytical thoughts.  Please refer back to the interview (which you can download), for ideas on psychic tools and psychic exercises.  Also, there are seminars and classes on Psychic Development.  Some of these are not that expensive.  Keep checking in with Stephanie’s website and also my website ( for future events including Psychic Development.

Meditation can be used to quiet the mind so that you can connect more with the intuition.  There are different methods of meditation such as creative visualization (basically day dreaming), or focusing on breathing while in meditation and there is focusing on sounds or chanting (such as OM or Humsa, a name or a phrase).

You can use your intuition to help create environments, by noticing the things (colors, sounds, fragrances, sights and texture) you are drawn to that create a sense of harmony and wellbeing for you.  Then use these things to create an environment that you would feel a sense of harmony in and would be happy in.  Remember, to stay away from clutter.  Sometimes less is more.  This can symbolize an opening for the things you want coming into your life.

Question 15:

How can you help others through intuition?  Do you charge for this service …(do it for free as a ministry/humanitarian service to others?

Answer: Yes I do charge for my service.  I am at the very low end of the fees that are being asked for by Psychic Consultants.  For the first 33 years of my life I did it for free, but I found people would abuse these free consultations, my time, my energy and would expect me to make their decisions for them.  I then started asking for an exchange (a consultation for money, a meal or some other exchange).  I found people had more respect for me, my time and did not abuse the consultations.  In Kabbalah you learn about the energy reciprocity, giving and receiving.  Even Ministers and Priests receive something in exchange for their services (room and board).

The purpose of the consultation is to help the client see their options, to gain clarity and see what may be coming on their path based on what they have done up to this point in time.   It is not for me to make the client’s decisions, as that would be disempowering to the client.

Questions Regarding Your Life Path

Questions 1-4:

Question 1: How can you use intuition to determine what type of work you should be doing with you life.  And, can that same gift help to you to find that special someone.

Question 2: Do you have any recommendations on finding your (new) purpose in life?  What I used to do, no longer appeals to me.  I have no passion for life.

Question 3: I am searching for what should be my life’s work.  Can you tell me what that is?

Question 4: I have always been intuitive/psychic, but have been feeling stuck on what direction or path my life should be taking.  I am unhappy in my current career, but need direction on the next step, and am frustrated by the lack of 5th dimensional insight on this topic, where I haven’t had this problem in the past.  Can you provide some guidance as to where I will be heading next in my “calling” – and some hints as to why I can’t hear the phone ringing, so to speak?

Answer: What I recommend to my clients when it comes to life’s purpose, is to look back at the ages of 7 to 12 years at the pretend games they played, or at what they wanted to be when they grew up.  These will give insights as to the path or characteristics of the path they were meant to follow.  Sometimes, people can’t remember their childhood, so I would recommend that they visualize the Universe (God) knocking at their front door.  They open the door and the Universe (God) tells them, “you can have or be anything that you want.  Now what would that be?”  I would then ask them what is the first thought that comes to them no matter how silly.  Whatever that is really needs to be look at.  If this does not work, the other thing is to look at this point in life as an adventure, and start exploring  classes and places that you may be drawn to to see what stirs you.  The reason it is sometimes hard to see the path is that we tend to over analyze it, over think it, or are holding ourselves back because there is a fear going on (such as fear of the unknown path outcome).

Questions about Psychic Readings

Questions 1 and 2:

1.  What are some good questions to ask during a Psychic Reading?

2. Should people look for yes/no answers to big issues like love, money, etc and how disempowering is it?

Answer:  A yes/no answer to a question may be too limiting and may not tell the client really what they need to know?  If the yes/no question is about making a decision, that would be the client giving away their decision making power over their life to the Psychic.   A Psychic should not make decisions for the client.  Such questions can be:  Should I get a divorce?  Should I have this surgery?  Should I move to this place?  Should I change my job?

Better questions to ask in a Psychic Reading would be:   Am I going in the right direction for my happiness?  What is coming up for me?  Are there options that I am not seeing?

What can I do to open up my spiritual path or intuition?  These are my different options (A, B, C, D), how do each of these options look, and which seems the most rewarding for me?  What characteristics do I have that can give me insight into my career path or spiritual path?  What are the psychological, emotional or spiritual blocks I am dealing with now, and what are my options for overcoming them?

Other Questions

Question 1:

I am ending or maybe I did end an 8 year abusive relationship. I love him or maybe imp just used to the abuse.. I don’t know… I want to know if I will be happy with someone new or will he change and I will be happy with him after all. I hope this made sense… if it’s a new someone else.. that’s great too 🙂

Answer:  I would recommend to anyone coming out of an abusive relationship (verbal, emotional or physical) to focus on their own healing from that abuse.  Abuse can have a devastating impact on self esteem/self worth.  If this is not healed it could put you in a position where you may select someone else who is abusive.  You have to love yourself to be strong enough to say no to abuse of any kind, and not accept abuse from anyone, even those you love into your life.  If you have not done so yet, I would recommend one of the following support systems for you:  a therapist, CODA (Co-dependency Support Group) or Emotions Anonymous.

Question 2:

Should I look for a new job or try to make my current situation work?

Answer: This is a question I hear a lot.  I feel that when this question is asked that the person already knows they want to leave their current work.  In many cases this maybe the person’s own intuition saying it is time to move on.  What I would recommend is keep your job, but go ahead and put resumes out there to see if there is anything you would be interested in.  You can take your time until the right opportunity comes up.  If something is offered and you are not interested, you don’t have to take it.

In some cases it may be time for the person to start looking at starting their own business on the side of their current job, until their own business takes off.  This is a way to participate in your life, and take control of creating your life.

Question 3:

Will I find love and commitment from my ”dream man” in the next few years?

Answer: I am sure you will find love, but if you are looking for a dream man then you are looking for someone who is not real.  No person is going to be everything you think they should be, and you may be disappointed.  You need to know what traits are the most important to you.  Such as do they make you laugh, do they care about you and your happiness, do their words and actions match up, are they there for you, are they nurturing, supportive and protective, are they respectful of you and your feelings, is the communication good between you and do they have the same interest, ethics, goals.  If the person has annoying traits or habits are they really deal breakers, or do the positive traits outweigh the annoying traits.  Remember everyone has an annoying habit or two.

Question 4:

I have survived a great deal of turmoil in my life, and yet I get these panic attacks when I imagine striking out on my own in a new career.  How can I think differently to invite opportunity and to calm myself in the face of the unknown?

Answer: Like a child, you can look at life like a game (the game of Life).  You could look at life as an exciting adventure, where you can’t wait to see what new things will be coming up.  You don’t have to take giant steps in that adventure.  You can take small steps, as long as you take steps.  Eventually, you will get to where you want to be.  Just look at the step you can take today.  Perhaps that step is taking a class, researching some information or making a phone call.  Once you start taking a few steps, you may find that the panic attacks get smaller and smaller till they are no more.

Sometimes, in life we just need to take a deep breath and jump in with a leap of faith.  Most actors and actresses get stage fright or panic attacks before they go on stage, but once they take that step onto the stage they are fine.

Maybe, visualize a few times that you have made the changes, or practice making the changes.  Doing this may give you a greater comfort level.

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